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Jiangsu Jewel Electrodynamic Technology Ltd. - Alberta

Jiangsu Jewel, which started it golf accessories business in 1976, excelled itself in manufacturing hundreds of products like golf cars, sight-seeing vehicles, shuttle bus, golf buggies, electric vehicles, good wagon, sports & entertainment parts and etc. To reach each buyer's request, Jiangsu Jewel never stops developing its electrodynamic technology, inclining to achieve perfect quality for its products. With the total floorage of more than 40,000 sq.m, Jiangsu Jewel's well-quipped factory is able to handle mass production of electric cars around 30 units/day. The factory is divided into four production lines, mainly in two parts: golf car production line/sight-seeing car production line, which lead Jiangsu Jewelto produce categories of vehicles simultaneously. By this efficient management, Jiangsu Jewelgains sorts of awards such as ISO 9001:2000, CE certificate, and EEC. As a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, Jiangsu Jewel has a good experience of producing and designing special or customized electric vehicles with it strong electrodynamic techniques. Capable of offering markets the premium golf cars, Jiangsu Jewel exports its vehicles toward U.S., Europe and etc. By its promotive OEM services, Jiangsu Jewel set up sorts of well-designed cars for customers' needs. For example, the Shuttle Bus (JS6081A, 7-3), used in golf course , the resorts, villas, garden-style hotels, or for tourist attractions, is designed with not only two seats, but four seats or six seats. More Vehicles in Jiangsu Jewel The Golf Cart, Jiangsu Jewel's major vehicle, is well-made for both its appearance and function. Approved by CE & ISO 9001, the maximum speed of this Golf Cart is 25 km/hr, which causes it used in ease, providing passengers safety for sure. With its voltage of 36V/48V & power of 3kw/4kw motor, this Golf Cart hardly lacks of electric power, even though, the battery of this electric Golf Cart is rechargeable. Thus, these functions makes overseas users get familiar to the Golf Cart. Made of tempered glass, the front cover panel of the Sight-seeing Vehicle (JS6042J, 5-9) ensures passengers with this secure design. This Sight-seeing Vehicle, of which overall dimensions is 3025*1400*1800mm, is set up for four cosy seats. With minimum turning radius of 4.5m, the Sight-seeing Vehicle is able to make passengers comfortable even in big turning movement. The maximum speed of this Sight-seeing Vehicle is 33km/hr, which also means it can be used with trust & safety. Another main product—Electric Bus (JS6041, 12-1)—is also designed for conveying passengers from golf course to the resorts, villas, or garden-style hotels. Much as the sight-seeing vehicle but different in its seat-designing, this Electric Bus can be made in customized order, providing buses in 2-seated type, 4-seated type, or even 6-seated type. It can handle the range(loaded) of 68km and climbing ability of 30%, which makes this Electric Bus powerful for conveying in many conditions. In addition, Jiangsu Jewel's Good Wagon (JS6061A, 8-3), which is set up as an electric truck with two seats, attracts users attention by its utmost delivery volume. With overall dimensions of 3650*1400*1800mm and max. speed of 30km/hr, this Good Wagon can deliver goods in safety and ease. As a goods-carrier, Jiangsu Jewel's Good Wagon is capable of handling sorts of goods-delivery service for both golf players or golf course owners, dealing with range(loaded) up to 80km. Always keeps it eyes open to golf car accessories business, Jiangsu Jewel will take more time and effort to innovate and develop its vehicles, trying to present more types of electric cars in the coming future.

Contact Person:TRACY GU
Phone:86 510 88600009
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